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1. What is StealthChat?

StealthChat is a secure chat and phone application. It allows you to have secure, unfiltered, off-the-record conversations and phone calls. It allows you to speak freely without the risk of your communication being intercepted, forwarded on or permanently stored.

2. What devices is StealthChat supported on?

- Android 2.3 or higher
- iOS 7 or higher

3. Are my messages encrypted?

Yes! All messages, calls and files in StealthChat are fully encrypted. We employ end-to-end encryption to ensure conversations remain confidential and are private to you and your friend. Furthermore, the encrypted messages are sent over a connection that is SSL encrypted!

4. How do I decrypt the screen on StealthChat?

In encrypted mode, press and hold anywhere on the screen to show the screen unlock.

5. How do I change my picture unlock on StealthChat?

Go to Settings > Security Settings > Screen Lock.

6. I forgot my Password. What can I do now?

Lost Passwords cannot be recovered. However, you can reset/uninstall the app and then set it up again. On Android delete the app data by going to Phone Settings > Apps > StealthChat > Clear data.

7. How do I start a chat?

In the Contacts screen, tap on your friend then wait until the key exchange completes.

8. Is my VoIP secure and encrypted like my messages on StealthChat?

Yes! StealthChat VoIP calls are fully encrypted like StealthChat messages.

9. How do I make a VoIP call on StealthChat?

- Android : Tap your contact then tap the call button.
- iOS 7 : Slide to the right on your friend in the contact list to access the call button.

10. How do I create a Group Chat?

1) Click on the "+" symbol on the top of Contacts list.
2) Choose "Create New Group”
3) Enter a name for the group > tap "Add Participant" or "Add Contact" > choose friend > Tap "Add”
4) Click "Create" to start a secure Group Chat and You will be assigned as Owner.

Note : To add new participant, you have to start a chat (exchanging key with a contact) before invite them to a group chat.