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StealthChat Features

Encrypted VOIP Calls

All phone calls encrypted making it impossible to eavesdrop on your conversation

Encrypted Group Chat

Create and have private conversations with unlimited group members

Self-Destructing Messages

Take control of your messages' lifetime. Set them to delete after 1 minute to 1 day

Private Picture Sharing

All pictures and photos are encrypted

Secure Chat

Messages are only readable by you and your contact. A new key is used to secure each message

P2P Encryption

Super strong, OTR cryptographic protocol for instant messaging conversations and picture sharing

SSL Secured Connection

Encrypted messages are transfered over SSL encrypted links


Private communication system to protect your business and personal communications

Anti Screenshot Technology

StealthChat disables the screenshot feature so your conversation remains confidential

Light & Simple Messaging

Easy to use and secure! Simple UI design makes StealthChat the secure lightweight application for mobile devices

Automatic Friend Finder

StealthChat automatically finds other users from your phone book

Message State Notifications

Sent, delivered, read, & pending notification for every message and file Notification

No Trace

No message history or phone book content is kept by us

Designed to Work on Any Device & Network

Designed to operate quickly and efficiently on the lowest specification devices and on the worst mobile networks in the world

Screen Lock

Encrypted screen display to prevent unauthorized message viewing